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Pubg has been years since the original game, but today it remains the most popular mobile game. Creating the best graphics with global illumination technology, the company offers the most realistic graphics that have ever come to games. Pubg, which has the title of the best game to come to mobile games, seems to be breaking records again with Pubg New State. The question of when Pubg New State will be released is eagerly awaited among all Pubg Mobile fans. Pubg New state, which offers pre-registrations, exceeds the standards of mobile games with the technologies it has developed.

Pubg producers broke new ground in mobile games with illumination technology. This game, played in a huge open area accompanied by unique graphics, attracted the attention of all game lovers and reached the top in the best game ranking. It is not coincidental that Pubg has settled at the top of mobile games with its special technology. Offering the most realistic graphics ever, the game also impresses with its unique graphics. Among the games with the title of survival, it seems that it will continue to be the favorite of the mobile game world with its huge open areas of 8 × 8 km.

The original Battle Royale experience, the best and the first! The best Battle Royale game with the selection of over 1 billion players worldwide. The original PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS is now on mobile. Play freely, wherever and whenever you want. PUBG MOBILE offers the most exciting free multiplayer action game experience on mobile. Join the game, equip your gear and fight. Survive in legendary 100-player classic combat, heavy weapon mode, fast 4v4 team deathmatch and zombie modes. Survival is key to success, and the last one standing wins. When duty calls, the shot is free!


Developed with Unreal Engine 4. Console quality on mobile. Astonishing HD graphics and 3D sounds. Customizable mobile controls, training modes and voice chat. Experience flawless control, realistic ballistics and weapon controls on mobile.


Enjoy a more realistic experience than ever before, on enormous maps thought to the finest detail in Erangel, Miramar, Vikendi and Sanhok, with varied battlefields, cycle of day and night, and random weather conditions. From the city streets to the icy tundra and dense forests, master each battlefield and build your own strategy and win.


100 player Classic mode, dynamic artillery mode, fast-paced Fun mode and 4v4 Team Deathmatch or Zombie modes await you. A suitable option for everyone can be found in this game! A suitable option for everyone can be found in this game. Play in Solo, Co-op or 4 player Squad modes. Use your weapon the way you want! Play as a lone wolf or listen to the call for help from your Clan! It can be played with the FPS (First Person Shooter), TPS (Third Person Shooter) modes, and there is an arsenal of vehicles and realistic weapons suitable for every terrain. Find the vehicle and materials that will take you to the final zone!


With daily events and challenges, as well as monthly updates, PUBG MOBILE continues to enrich and evolve. Anti-cheat measures ensure a fair and smooth gaming experience, with everyone playing by the rules. * Requires a strong internet connection. * System requirements for PUBG MOBILE: Android 5.1.1 or above and at least 2GB of memory. Players using other devices can try playing PUBG MOBILE LITE.

PubG Mobile Download

pubg mobile apk download

It’s Not Too Late To Get Caught Up In The Pubg Storm!

Playerunknown Battlegrounds, which debuted on the world game market in 2017, in short, Pubg, has won the acclaim of many players with its free, fun gameplay and different game modes. Game published by Tencent Games for mobile devices developed after requests from players, with Google Stadia and PlayStation 4 for systems that use Microsoft operating systems have been introduced.

The game is currently available on the following platforms;

  • Android operating system,
  • IOS operating system,
  • Microsoft 7 and above operating systems,
  • Google Stadia,
  • Xbox One,
  • Playstation 4. Playstation 5 and Xbox X/S versions have also been announced…

Pubg, a free multiplayer action game for mobile platforms, has a choice between game modes that are suitable for everyone, and thus it has spread rapidly around the world and still retains its popularity.

In the following section, we will talk about PUBG mobile download and Offline Pubg installation and the game. Multiplayer action game experience to a wider audience and has managed to endear a lot of games with this feature is the most striking aspect of paving PUBG either way, unlike many games, players in the game, many of them bought with money or a play, which opened last remaining equipment is not completely unarmed and a super strong start as on the map to be the person started to struggle in this way.

A Game That Is Popular Among Players, Not Creating New Players

Easy to learn with its simple gameplay and inventory system, Pubg allows players of all levels to quickly adapt to the motto “join the game and be the last survivor.” A game that is quite difficult to master, the matches do not last very long and players can immediately find new matches, so as not to insolent their player.

Currently, the most popular modes among players stand out as death match or zombie modes called battle royale. In Battle royale, death match mode, all players fight against each other, and the dead player cannot be resurrected. As the number of players on the map decreases, the playing field also narrows, thus preventing players from spending hours searching for each other around various obstacles and buildings on large and detailed giant maps. This wide variety available to players and popular modes based on survival in zombie modes help players connect to the game faster and more tightly.

The game, which stands out from its opponents with its constantly moving and alert gameplay, has been updated with new features that reward players to be team players along with individual abilities. One of the most important unwritten rules in team games is “heed the call of your injured teammates for help.” Because just as every teammate whose life you save can change the course of the game, there is no guarantee that you will not be in the same situation after a few minutes.

Constantly seekers of new content and quests

In a game that has recently gained clan support, players can enjoy the game together with close friends or players they are compatible with, who enjoy playing together. Play as a member of the clan if you want, you can join forces with your clan and teammates to fight to bring your enemies to their knees and become the last team standing. The fact that your team earns points for injured teammates that you save and protect in games that you join as a clan has been added to the game as an app that encourages team play.

Game maker Tencent Games is constantly introducing new content and organizing events to keep players interested in the game. Many options can be found in this game, especially where daily activities and struggles stand out, and players can win gifts that can provide different advantages, some of them witty, some of them during the game.

Download Pubg Mobile, One Of The Most Popular Games

Pubg Mobile is quite a game to download and install on platforms. Pubg system requirements available for download via Google Play platform are android 5.1.1 and higher. Players using older or other devices that are out of date as hardware can try to play pubg mobile lite. This version of the game can also be easily found on Google Play and Apple Appstore.

Constantly updated and new content is added, the game is also experiencing changes in performance and graphic quality. After each update, the mobile game starts to use the power of Unreal Engine 4 more effectively, while the improvements are not just about providing performance. With each update released, Pubg mobile continues to enrich without stopping, while at the same time improving mobile devices to heat up less and their batteries to last longer.
As you know, Tencentgames has offices in various parts of the world, and all of these offices continue to work on the development of PUBG and other games. We can say that Tencent Games, which recently made new transfers from Bungie, known for its Halo and Destiny games, aims to give the game a better quality, smoother image in this regard with the next update of the game. Playing the constantly updated PUBG without being plugged in fluently requires a strong internet connection.

In areas where the Internet connection is not healthy, the game will slow down, your movements will start to be transmitted to the server late, and your taste in the game will seriously decrease, as you will get a late reaction. So before entering the game, make sure that there is a 4G, 4.5 G or Wi-Fi internet connection in your area with a stable connection.

Perform Internet-Free, Offline Installation With Pubg Mobile APK Files

The size of the installation file in Google Play and Appstore changes with each published update. Because each update is different in size from the other, it would not be right to try to provide information about their size.
If you are going to install it on multiple devices, you can use your internet connection more economically by downloading and saving the Pubg Mobile Apk file from alternative sites to the memory of your computer or phone. APK files are an extension of the package file that the Android operating system uses to install applications. It derives its name from the English word “applications”, i.e. application, and contains a compressed version of the program or game contained in it. Because of this, many applications, especially large applications, need more space in the phone memory than they will occupy during installation. This does not change when downloading directly via Google Play without using an APK file.

When you download the Mobile APK file and install the game from this file, you will not use a significant part of your quota, as it will only download newly released updates from the internet. If you can find APK files with updates, you will not need to update the game again. By carrying Mobile APK files with you, you can help friends or other acquaintances quickly set up Pubg on their phones without using internet quotas.

Be sure to use trusted sites when downloading PubG Mobile APK files, and we recommend scanning for threats with a virus scanning program, just in case you have the opportunity.

PUBG Mobile Cheat and Hack

Currently, the mobile game market is developing quite rapidly and is making significant progress thanks to various new technological developments. In our Modern era, many mobile platform games also enjoy quite a lot of popularity. One of the most popular game types today is survival games, and many different games in this area find their place in the markets. PUBG Mobile, arguably the largest representative of its genre, also enjoys considerable popularity in the mobile gaming industry.

As with all kinds of mobile games, PUBG Mobile has many different tricks. PUBG Mobile can be used in various tricks with many different extra applications in this area when it is called cheating. In various cases, there is also a risk of banning the account, which allows a high amount of various additional features to be used in the game. At the beginning of the most popular PUBG Mobile Game tricks today is the PUBG Mobile UC trick.

Battle Royale Madness In Various Parts Of The World

Currently, many different types of games are largely in demand by various audiences, and these games also appear in many different styles and varieties. PUBG Mobile is one of the most important representatives of the Battle Royale genre, which is mainly featured in an increasingly narrow area and with a limited inventory of weapons. Players who can play this game quite easily using their mobile devices, based on the Android and iOS operating systems, can also use various tricks in PUBG Mobile.

In order to use the PUBG mobile UC trick, which is one of the most popular tricks today, it is important to first know what UC means and what it does. Basically, this unit is used to purchase various paid content within the PUBG Mobile game; in the game, players can also have various weapons, items and packages.

The Most Popular Mobile Shooter Game

PUBG Mobile Game, which is quite popular in smart mobile games in general, has reached many different points in the world in a short time and has been installed on the phones of millions of users. PUBG Mobile Game, which is currently ranked among the most popular mobile shooter games, also has many different tricks. These tricks, which allow players to access various game content quite easily and quickly, also appear in many different types and content.

Tricks for PUBG Mobile

PUBG cheat services are available in many different styles and content today and are used by tens of thousands of individuals. These tricks, especially used to bring various in-Game trading transactions for FREE, also serve to purchase various items, skins and clothes contained in the game for free. A variety of such tricks, which are used in many different applications and software, can be used quite quickly and easily if a few basic steps are followed correctly.

PUBG Mobile UC Hack

PUBG mobile UC cheat ranks among the most popular PUBG Mobile game cheats today and is used by countless users throughout the day. For those who are interested in how to perform a UC trick for the PUBG Mobile game in question, this process can be performed as a result of following the main steps.
• Various third-party programs and software are used as the basis for the current UC purchase trick in 2021.
• These points, which are taken into account as a result of a certain period of time by entering the UC or BP amount through the program used as a basis, are made available free of charge.

  • Free UC will be added to the account within a short period of time and will become available within the day as a result of the approval of the user account through this platform.
  • Great care should also be taken during the use of such programs, which can also request various personal information from people.

Unknown Cash cheats for PUBG Mobile

UC cheats, also known as Unknown Cash, are one of the most preferred mobile cheating services and are also used by many players throughout the day. Unknown Cash purchase cheats, which are also quite easily and quickly available through various websites, are especially available with the latest version options in 2021. 100 %working guarantee these services, which are offered within the web site given many different, both can be used quite easily for smartphones with Android and iOS operating system.

2021 PUBG Mobile UC Cheat

PUBG Mobile UC cheating 2021 is called the most preferred cheating programs in the current time. Players who prefer such software and programs for the best and easiest UC trick should know that this situation also involves various risks. Players who publicly harass other players and damage online matches with various tricks they have used are largely banned or their accounts suspended. For this reason, extra attention should be paid to the fact that the program used in unknown Cash cheating services is a reliable platform.

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